Reveal with colors

Every day, our makeup labs strive to make dazzling colors that provide for shine and radiance.

We create and manufacture all types of makeup, including pressed powders, loose powders, colored emulsions, sticks, creams, chubby sticks, and tinted mousses. In addition to our wide range of manufacturing and shaping technologies, we use innovative Livelogy powder injection technology to bring the colors and sensory properties of our products to life.

Two laboratories near Paris specialize in makeup development and allow you to participate in co-creation workshops. We use our creativity and expertise to develop shades that meet the stringent requirements of the biggest makeup brands and the most inclusive lines of products. Our on going challenge is to offer high-performance products that are increasingly healthy and safe. And we're succeeding!We're proud of our products made with more than 90% natural ingredients and certified by both Ecocert and ISO 16128.

We adapt to the many different needs of brands and consumers, not only in Europe and America but also in Asia (China, Japan, Korea).

Thanks to our packaging expertise, we can offer full-service solutions (formulas + containers) to help you produce your finished products.

Our solutions:

  • Hybrid products, makeup care: there is no frontier anymore between Makeup and Skin Care, we offer lip and complexion products with moisturizing, plumping, and anti-pollution properties (among others)
  • Complexion: foundation, concealer, primer, highlighter, blush, bronzer, BB & CC creams
  • Eyes: eyeshadow, eyebrow makeup, eyeliner
  • Lips: lipstick, gloss, lacquer, balm
  • Nails: nail polish, nail treatments, nail polish remover

    (see product images)

Our companies Aircos, Pascual Cosmétiques,
Roval (nail polish remover)


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