Prevent, treat, and innovate, from the selection of raw materials to the production of finished products.

The strengths of the pharmaceutical industry combined with the power of plants.

Expertises & Technologies

As an industrial and development partner of renowned international pharmaceutical laboratories as well as hygiene & well-being brands and start-ups with limited infrastructures, we adapt to the needs of our customers.

As experts in topical and oral solutions, we specialize in:

  • preservative-free formulations,
  • natural formulations (up to 100%),
  • complex formulations,
  • high-potency manufacturing,
  • ultra-clean “germ-free” packaging,
  • sprays and bag-on-valve packaging,
  • biocidal and ATEX-compliant products

Our laboratories, R&D departments, and industrialization managers take charge of your projects from A to Z:

  • custom development services
  • development of innovative galenicals: complex emulsions, gels, encapsulation for immediate and extended-release formulations, improvement in the stability and bioavailability of active ingredients, and an increase in natural ingredients (Ecocert/Cosmos compliance)
  • optimization of your formulations
  • packaging selection (if necessary) with environmentally-friendly recommendations
  • production of clinical batches, scale-up
  • technical specifications
  • analytical method and manufacturing process transfers
  • process reinforcement and optimization
  • regulatory engineering: medical and scientific support on projects, maintenance

Our individual services include help with the production of supporting data (documentation, in vitro and engineering data, statements, etc.).

We also offer licensed, ready-to-use products for quick launches.


Proactive health innovations @ANJAC

We make our products both environmentally friendly and efficient, combining the technological prowess of science with the power of plants – which we are able to harness thanks to our in-house experts and exclusive partners. We improve the effectiveness and bioavailability of active ingredients and create formulations without controversial ingredients. And our partner tool Beautylitic allows us to classify our formulations as “healthy” based on scientific criteria. We offer eco-friendly packaging.
Our work is validated by the results of clinical studies.


In search of health expertise and custom innovations?
Join us at myprivateanjac.com for an innovative and 100% digital VIP experience. Interact with our health experts in the “Company” zone and discuss your specific needs by way of totally private chats and video calls. You will also discover the entire ANJAC health offer in the “Offers” zone.

Experts in ocean nasal sprays

As specialists in ENT hygiene products and therapeutic treatments, we continue to expand our capabilities at Chemineau with new production lines in ultra-clean “germ-free” conditions allowing us to produce unique and innovative nasal solutions based on seawater and a wide range of natural active ingredients.

Support and development of innovative formulas

Complex emulsions, gels, encapsulation for immediate and controlled release forms, improved stability and bioavailability of active ingredients, and natural products (Ecocert/COSMOS compliant).


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