Surprise, Protect, Innovate, from the selection of raw materials to the production of finished products.
High-performance innovations,
the key to your success.

Expertises & Technologies

As an industrial partner of renowned multinational as well as start-ups, we adapt to the individual needs of our customers. We offer support at every stage of the value chain, with fast launches from 4 months! Creation of the concept, custom ingredients, formulation, packaging sourcing, industrialization, packaging, filling, and kitting.

We work with you to develop bespoke solutions or ready-to-use products for quick launches.

Our major areas of expertise include:

  • certified organic formulations
  • premium sensory textures
  • extemporaneous preparations
  • powders: loose, pressed, compact, Livelogy (injected)
  • solid cosmetics (sticks, creams, powders)
  • pigmented liquid formulas
  • eco-friendly and compostable sheet masks, pads, and wipes

Our laboratories, R&D departments, and industrialization managers take charge of your projects from A to Z, with regulatory support that even includes the management of product information files (PIFs).


Beautylitic and ANJAC, partners dedicated to healthier, more natural, and more effective beauty products.

ANJAC has entered into a partnership with the Beautylitic startup and its formulatory intelligence tool to help customers make the right choices and ensure the "cleanliness" of products, all the while respecting their corporate strategy and DNA. This unique service also identifies issues surrounding biodiversity and the preservation of the environment.

A new R&D lab for Sicaf Cosmetics!

Sicaf, the experts in skin care and premium textures, has made its ambition known by building a 12,000-square-foot facility dedicated to science, innovation, and creativity!

Sustainable design at the heart of our packaging solutions!

ANJAC helps you choose specially designed, environmentally friendly packaging from our companies and external partners, including recyclable mono-material packaging, reusable packaging, "doypack" refill systems, bio-based tubes, 100% biodegradable wipes, and paper bags for “Home Compost” masks. All for a sustainable end product!


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