Protect your skin

Skin is exposed to countless external aggressions, including UV rays, HEV light, and pollution. Our experts specialize in the creation of high-performance products made with active ingredients that protect the skin. We develop sun protection products with certified chemical and mineral filters, and upon request, can oversee clinical tests and ensure compliance with applicable regulations.

Our expert toxicologist is a member of the European Commission and bears witness to our increased vigilance by respecting and anticipating regulations in Europe as well as other countries around the world.

Incorporating health and beauty, these products are at the very heart of the expertise of the ANJAC Group. And thanks to our FDA-certified Feltor site, you can also market your OTC products in North America.

Our solutions: sun protection, after-sun, self-tanning, lip balms and cosmetics with SPF
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Our companies: ShadelineFeltorSicaf


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