Foster good hygiene

Everyday gestures are simple yet essential. Among other things, the know-how of our laboratories is based on extensive research on skin and the various areas of the body (cleaning, protection, specificities), pH values, the sensitivity and thickness of the epidermis, and the sensitivity of baby's skin. We create liquids, gels, oils, solid cosmetics, and compostable wipes to meet the needs of consumers and optimize ease of use.
Committed to creating natural and healthy formulations, we offer a large selection of certified organic products and products made with up to 100% natural ingredients. 

Our products can be enhanced by eco-friendly packaging that are refillable, recyclable, or made from 100% natural materials.

Our solutions:

  • For the body: shower gel, intimate gel, liquid and solid soap, deodorants, hair-removing cream, post-waxing
  • For hair: shampoo, conditioner, mask, serum
  • For babies and children: gel, body lotion, baby wipes, shampoo, cleansing wipes
  • For oral hygiene: mouthwash
  • For men: face, beard, and body care

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Our companies : Aircos, Apollo, Cosmetix West, EurowipesFeltorInnoviRoval, Shadeline, Sicaf


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