Our commitments

A responsible model

As a family business, we consider our greatest assets to be the women and men who make up our Group.
We are guided by the needs of consumers.
We believe in making our industry more and more sustainable.
An industry where health, safety, and the environment are the number one priorities.
Our corporate culture is a vital part of our business, making every employee responsible for their actions on a daily basis.  In light of the challenges facing our industry, we are developing a CSR policy with our 14 companies based on 3 main pillars: 
People, consumers, and the planet.

90% 90%

of innovations
offer a positive impact on sustainability

Our 3 pillars


ANJAC is a family-owned Group made up of companies which have always been committed to treating employees with kindness and respect and encouraging personal development. These values are also expressed in our support for social initiatives in our local regions and beyond.

ANJAC and its employees fight for causes that affect them on a personal level. We place health at the heart of our industries and support initiatives that seek to cure cancer, and violence against women, and provide healthy living conditions for all.


At ANJAC, consumers and patients are our number one priority. We therefore ensure our innovations are both sustainable and environmentally-friendly. Each new innovation project is developed to be inherently more sustainable and have a positive impact on health: 90 to 100% natural formulas, waterless cosmetics, compostable impregnated materials, innovative natural ingredients such as a glyphosate alternative or a natural SPF booster...These are just some of the products that allow for safer and more responsible consumption, along with a 360 degree approach supported by our “Clean + Safe” formulation model.

The Planet

Natural disasters are not inevitable. We’re doing our part to prevent them!

All our teams and sites are moving in the same direction with a clear roadmap: reduce water and energy consumption, reduce waste (including processing), and develop a responsible, transparent purchasing policy to reduce our carbon footprint a little bit more each year.

In action


All ANJAC sites undergo an EcoVadis sustainability assessment, the industry standard. Eurowipes and Chemineau were awarded a gold medal, Aircos, Roval, and Pascual a silver medal, while Sicaf received a bronze medal. All our sites are working hard to earn a gold medal next year!

Local education, “Agir pour l'Ecole,” EPIC Foundation

Our children are the decision-makers of tomorrow. ANJAC supports “Agir pour l'Ecole” and its approach (based on neuroscience research) that helps children learn to read.

Women’s health and combating violence against women

Congratulations to Dr. Ghada Hatem for her initiative that helps women affected by psychological abuse and physical violence. ANJAC supports the “Maison des Femmes,” a unique community health center for women where victims of violence can receive medical care and help getting back on their feet.

ANJAC, a company committed to CEW France!

ANJAC supports the CEW beauty centers by providing 1 hour of socio-aesthetic care to 110 cancer patients.


Take care of yourself – we’ll take care of the rest!
As proof of our commitment to CSR, in 2020 more than 90% of the Group’s innovations complied with the “Green Attack” innovation program for the development of “Safe, Healthy, and Performing” products.

ANJAC is extremely committed to the pathfinder Health and Beauty movement.
To help our customers make the right choices, we worked with our scientific experts, chemists, and toxicologists to create the “Green Attack” innovation program which takes a 360 degree approach to CSR and uncompromising with the safety, effectiveness, and sensory appeal of all our innovations. 
While doing so, they fulfill their commitment to educate our customers, increase the positive impact on health and provide for transparency.

Download our “Green Attack” innovation program


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