Our commitments

A responsible model

At ANJAC, we believe that Social and Environmental Responsibility is a level of transformation for a more sustainable cosmetics and health industry.


We focus on concrete and pragmatic actions to create value for our customers and territories by prioritizing safety, health, and the environment.


Recognizing the challenges facing our industries, we have developed a pragmatic and effective CSR policy with our 14 companies that is organized around 4 major goals. To ensure the success of our commitments, all of this is supported by a global approach driven by a governance at both local and group level.

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100% 100%

innovations featuring at least one lasting objective characteristic.

20% 20%

reduction of our water consumption in m3/ton of bulk

15% 15%

reduction of our energy consumption in KwH/KU

Our 4 major ambitions


To transform and improve the sustainability of our offer.

At ANJAC, we prioritize innovation as a means of transforming our product and service offerings. Each new innovation project is built from the ground up to be more sustainable and have a positive impact on health.

Today, 90% of our innovations meet sustainability criteria, including natural formulas (rate >90% of the ISO16128 standard), waterless cosmetics, compostable household wipes, and innovative natural ingredients like glyphosate alternatives...

Anjac Green Attack, an internal innovation program, was developed to guide and support these efforts. A methodology for evaluating performance objectively is currently being developed.


Resources and reduce our environmental footprint.

Environmental disasters are not inevitable.
We are taking action on our scale!

Anjac has long been concerned about the environment. To measure and challenge our progress, our companies use the EcoVadis global CSR performance evaluation standard and its environmental component.

Our efforts at ANJAC to reduce our resource consumption (water, energy, and virgin plastic) and waste are part of a continuous improvement process aimed at lowering our carbon footprint.

In 2021, we measured each company’s water and energy consumption.

In 2022, we will begin measuring the carbon footprint of our sites in order to develop a concrete roadmap for site improvement.


The safety and development of our employees.

ANJAC is primarily a human adventure—that of our employees, who contribute to the beauty and health of tomorrow on a daily basis. As a family business, we place a premium on the growth and safety of our employees. Our over 3,000 employees share a common culture and value set: Human Adventure, Pragmatic and Bold Innovation, Industrial Requirement, and Applied Agility.

Our values reflect those of a family-owned group, promoting the development of all of our teams through trust and an entrepreneurial spirit.

Our commitments 2026

  • PRIORITIZE workplace safety by implementing a "zero accidents" policy at each location.

  • IMPROVE the quality of life at work  and support employee development so that everyone can grow within the group.


A societal commitment to global health in our territories.

We continue to focus on global Health and on causes that are important to our employees in three main areas, echoing our activities and supporting our values:

  • Fight cancer in children and adults

  • Access to first aid

  • Women's health and equality

ANJAC is dedicated to supporting initiatives that are consistent with our mission and commitments (see illustrations below).

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In action

Fight against cancer in children

ANJAC supports the Gustave Roussy Regional Cancer Center (Villejuif) through donations. Financial donations are complemented by product donations and specific collaborations associating our scientists with the hospital's health professionals.

Access to first aid

Through donations of products, we support the Banque Alimentaires and the Secours Catholique and also continue to support the associations organized on our territories, in order to allow access to the first aid.

Women's Health and Equality

Congratulations to Dr. Ghada Hatem for her initiative that helps women affected by psychological abuse and physical violence.

ANJAC supports the “Maison des Femmes,” a unique community health center for women where victims of violence can receive medical care and help getting back on their feet.

Local education, “Agir pour l'Ecole,” EPIC Foundation

Our children are the decision-makers of tomorrow. ANJAC supports “Agir pour l'Ecole” and its approach (based on neuroscience research) that helps children learn to read.

ANJAC, a company committed to CEW France!

ANJAC supports the CEW beauty centers by providing 1 hour of socio-aesthetic care to 110 cancer patients.

ANJAC supports cohesion and human values

#1 ANJAC Sales Synergy Academy Seminar in 2022.

This event was an opportunity to reinforce the values of the group, but also to federate and create more synergy within the Sales, R&D and Marketing teams.

Workshops, information sharing and moments of relaxation, the conditions for success were met.

The ANJAC « Green Attack » innovation program

Take care of yourself – we’ll take care of the rest!
As proof of our commitment to CSR, in 2020 more than 90% of the Group’s innovations complied with the “ANJAC Green Attack” innovation program for the development of “Safe, Healthy, and Performing” products.

ANJAC is extremely committed to the pathfinder Health and Beauty movement.
To help our customers make the right choices, we worked with our scientific experts, chemists, and toxicologists to create the “ANJAC Green Attack” innovation program which takes a 360 degree approach to CSR and uncompromising with the safety, effectiveness, and sensory appeal of all our innovations. 
While doing so, they fulfill their commitment to educate our customers, increase the positive impact on health and provide for transparency.

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