Our vision



Think outside the box. ANJAC is boldly reinventing the health & beauty of tomorrow with unique, innovative, and effective new research processes. 


Thanks to the industrial know-how of its experts, 
ANJAC can allow itself to be uncompromising when it comes to the quality and performance of its offer. Results are the only indicator, the undeniable proof of the Group's high standards.


Energy and enthusiasm are the driving forces behind every ANJAC initiative. 
Our Group is made strong by the relationships between its employees. Our individuals make us compassionate, innovative, and responsible.


The sky is the limit. Thanks to its solution-oriented, entrepreneurial mindset and proven industrial flexibility, ANJAC is perfectly positioned to create a unique and pioneering model for the health and beauty industry of tomorrow.

A new industrial model

As a partner, pathfinders, and entrepreneur, we see industry as a virtuous cycle that benefits consumers, our customers, and the environment.
We are working to create the health and beauty of tomorrow, where health, safety, and the environment are the top priorities.  
We make attractive, responsible, high-performance products that meet the needs and expectations of consumers. 
We take a bold and pragmatic approach to innovation at every level of the value chain. 

Shared values

Bold and pragmatic innovation

Every year, ANJAC invests 5% of its revenue in R&D and innovation, and that level has been maintained despite the COVID-19 pandemic. Thanks to our 150 committed researchers, we offer innovative new products with strong added value. We create pure, concrete, efficient innovations with our raw materials, products, and product uses, as well as with our services by placing nature at the heart of our research. 

Applied agility

We devised a flexible and solution-oriented industrial model to meet the expectations of consumers who are more mobile and changing more quickly than ever before. We co-create with our customers, adapting to their needs to come up with increasingly more effective and attractive solutions. Our operational efficiency and proactive approach allow us to constantly tackle challenges head-on. 

Industrial high requirements

Each company in the ANJAC Group has inherited a culture driven by industrial excellence. Just as consumers are increasingly demanding, we at ANJAC are uncompromising when it comes to the quality and efficiency of our offer. 
Results are our only indicator, the undeniable proof of our high standards. As demonstrated by our customer portfolio, we offer products and services with high added value.

Human adventure

The family-owned ANJAC Group is made strong by each of its employees. Every day, we are united by a spirit of passion, enthusiasm, and ambition, one that motivates us to innovate together in as responsible a way as possible. Social ties at the workplace and relationships with our customers are the driving forces behind our Group. 
We cultivate this virtuous state of mind to create an environment that is ripe for personal growth. 

Synergy committees

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