Supporting your skin's health

We create topical formulations to treat all kinds of skin problems: dermatological treatments, protection, and healing and repair products with unmatched safety and tolerance, in the form of medications, medical devices, or cosmetics.

Whenever possible, we proactively develop natural formulations for all our solutions.

Our solutions:

  • Topical antibiotics, antiseptics, antifungals, antiherpetics, products for skin rashes and itches (psoriasis, eczema, etc.),
  • Wound care, hair loss treatments,
  • Products for hyperpigmented skin (spots), etc.

In various liquid, semi-liquid, and semi-solid forms; as creams and gels (see product images).

Our companies: Chemineau, Eurowipes, Feltor, Shadeline

Family health products incorporate hygiene, health, and well-being, and must be made with the utmost in effectiveness and safety, whether they are designed for babies, men, the elderly, or the various stages in the life of women.

Extensive know-how and special equipment are required for the formulations and production processes.

Our solutions:

  • Hand sanitizer, disinfectants
  • Oral care such as mouthwash and canker sore treatments
  • Hygiene and intimate care: cleansing gel, soothing and moisturizing products, lubricants
  • Baby and maternity care: diaper rash oil and cream, baby wipes, lotion, shampoo, cleansing gel, soothing gel, anti-stretch mark oil, nipple care, cradle cap care
  • Biocidal products: anti-lice, insecticides

In various liquid or semi-liquid forms; as creams, gels, and oils
(see product images)

Our companies: Apollo, Chemineau, Eurowipes, Feltor, Innovi, Roval, Shadeline


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