Take care of your nutrition

ANJAC also specializes in phytonutrients, micronutrients, and food supplements. We mainly use liquid galenicals which are known to increase bio-assimilation by the body.

Our patented plant extraction technique allows us to develop highly effective formulations and improve the bioavailability and performance of well-known ingredients such as spirulina, phycocyanin, curcumin, and CBD.

Our latest innovation: gummies (vegan and non-vegan) for a more holistic experience that are super healthy thanks to their extremely low sugar content.

Our solutions: dietary supplements to treat major health issues such as a loss of energy, sleeping disorders, anxiety, and a weak immune system.

In addition, nutraceutical products that make it possible to combine traditional cosmetics with nutrition for an even greater effect: anti-aging, skin radiance, detox & purification, hair energizer, etc.

Our formats: liquid in a vial, single-dose packet. Gummies in a jar or packet.

Our innovative services: Incara Services offers innovative nutraceutical concepts and extensive support throughout the entire development process (planning to production), as well as efficacy testing, product marketing, and information on consumer trends.

Our companies: Incara Services, Innovi, Shadeline.


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