With Beautylitic, ANJAC steers the clean transformation of cosmetic formulations

To steer its innovations, and support its customers towards an ever-cleaner offer, the ANJAC Health & Beauty group has adopted, Beautylitic, the analysis tool dedicated to cosmetic formulas, developed by Candice Colin. For the French industrial group, specialised in the design, development and manufacture of innovative cosmetics, the aim is to anticipate the market’s ineluctable evolution towards clean beauty, while adding transparency and scientific accuracy to a still poorly defined concept.

At a time when consumers are stating their preference for simpler, healthier and more natural beauty solutions free of controversial ingredients, the ANJAC Health & Beauty group is joining forces with Beautylitic, a SaaS BtoB platform for the scientific analysis and evaluation of the composition of beauty and personal care products. After having first appealed to distributors and pure players in e-commerce, eager to better meet the expectations of their customers in terms of clean beauty, Beautylitic is taking its first steps alongside a leading manufacturer.

"Exposcore" and the ratings of apps
"A healthier and more transparent beauty concerns all brand profiles and the entire industry, each with its specificities. Brands need benchmarks and therefore data," explains Anne Rutigliano, Marketing and Communication Director at ANJAC Health & Beauty.

However, with no regulated standards, clean beauty is poorly-defined and relies heavily on the experience of laboratories.

"It was becoming necessary for us to find a tool to characterise and position the clean solutions offered by the ANJAC group’s R&D laboratories and thus display the possible solutions transparently," continues Anne Rutigliano.

Designed to dynamically analyse thousands of references and more efficiently control referencing or development choices, the Beautylitic platform draws on algorithms that take into account a large number of constantly updated data, including ingredient regulations and scientific studies that potentially characterise a robust controversy.

Beautylitic thus allows calculating an "Exposcore", a score of exposure to controversial ingredients, or to anticipate the ratings that will be attributed by the leading cosmetic evaluation applications (such as Yuka in France, EWG in the United States, or Beauty Evolution in China). An assessment of the formula’s impact on natural resources and the environment is also available in a beta version.

"It is first a scientific tool," underlines Candice Colin, founder of the platform. "Today, ingredients have become a key element in deciding whether to buy a product or not. It is therefore important for manufacturers to have tools that allow them to position themselves against the market. Beautylitic provides a concrete answer to the management of the transformation process."

Manage the different formulation options
By integrating Beautylic to its innovation approach, the ANJAC group can thus offer its customers an objective and scientific positioning regarding the various formulas proposed by a brand, or of formulas in the process of being created and in relation to the clean beauty universe.

"It is an unbiased tool that brings transparency to discussions. But we approach clean beauty with a lot of flexibility, respecting the DNA of each brand. Of course, this approach is optional," explains Anne Rutigliano.

"All our R&D, marketing and sales teams have been trained on the tool with the Beautylitic team. Thus upstream of our internal innovations and customer projects, we can assess the Clean performance of our formulas and challenge them to the maximum, highlighting the strengths but also the levers to go further in the Clean approach," adds Pierre Planes, Innovation and R&D Director at Sicaf Cosmétiques, and Chairman of the R&D committee of the ANJAC group.

The platform complements the various tools already implemented by the ANJAC Health & Beauty group to provide its customers with personalised and qualified services in the development of formulas meeting consumer expectations, "without compromising on sensoriality or efficiency, and while respecting the identity of brands." The industrial partner is thus betting on a streamlined approach to the concept of clean beauty.

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