Euro Wipes and Fibroline intend to revolutionize impregnated products

Euro Wipes and Fibroline have signed an exclusive partnership for the development of new eco-friendly impregnated products (wipes, pads, masks) and to go even further in naturalness. The objective: to dry-impregnate fabrics to formulate with no use of water and to do without solvents and preservatives.

This is a real revolution announced by Euro Wipes (Anjac Group), the French leader in the manufacture of products impregnated on a support, and Fibroline, the world leader in powder impregnation solutions, for impregnated wipes and masks serving the hygiene, cosmetics and health markets. The two companies signed, on October 7, a collaboration agreement to develop and market impregnated products (wipes, pads, masks) as part of a dry process, i.e. with no water or solvents.

New formulation possibilities
Both companies, relying on their respective technological know-how, seek to achieve a real technological breakthrough in the next three years to come. "With this waterless formulation technology, the fields of possibilities are huge," they explained in a joint press release.

Indeed, the dry impregnation of fabrics can make it possible to use new actives, which are to date difficult to integrate into a lotion, to increase naturalness in formulas, in particular by doing without preservatives and solvents, to reduce water consumption. Ultimately, these future innovations offer "enhanced safety for both consumers and the environment."

And, which is more, this paradigm shift could be achieved "without compromising on the efficiency and performance of products." Indeed, according to Euro Wipes and Fibroline, the impregnation technique allows releasing the actives in the precise areas where their action is required. Concerning sensoriality, it is expected that it will be very different between wet products and dry products, not necessarily to the detriment of the latter. Everything will depend of the supports used and of the method of application.

Patented technology
Using electric fields, Fibroline has developed technologies that allow distributing all types of powders in porous structures such as textiles, nonwoven, foams or papers. "These patented solutions avoid the use of solvents or water, thus enhancing compliance with environmental standards," explains Jérôme Ville, CEO of the Fibroline Company. "Also, our R&D centre is the ideal tool for our partners who are seeking to assess our solutions and secure their projects before the industrial launch. We have invested heavily over the past two years to offer our customers the latest generation laboratory and pilot units, and this, for all of our technologies."

By joining forces, the two French SMEs aim to change the way these products are manufactured and used, to meet consumer expectations in terms of safety and sustainability.

"Environmental and societal responsibility is at the heart of our corporate strategy", underlined Guillaume Cantelou, CEO of Euro Wipes. "We have been investing for years in responsible innovation, we strive to design, develop and manufacture continuously sustainable solutions, to offer products and services suited to the needs of customers and consumers, while encouraging an ecological attitude and responsible consumption."

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