Euro Wipes launches innovative organic and compostable sheet masks

Euro Wipes, a company specialising in wet wipes and impregnated cotton pads for the hygiene, cosmetic and health markets, is launching innovative 100% natural, compostable, biodegradable sheet masks, packaged in recyclable paper bags. A first, according to the company!

Innovative masks for more sustainable beauty routines
In 2020, to complete its range of dermo-cosmetic and cosmetic products, the subsidiary of the Anjac Health & Beauty group invested in a new production line for impregnated sheet masks.

Euro Wipes impregnated sheet masks are made of plant-based fabrics, which are compostable and biodegradable. But to successfully develop a 100% compostable product, Euro Wipes has also developed a compostable formula based on 99.5% natural ingredients.

As far as packaging is concerned, the masks are packed in Made In France paper bags, which are therefore easily recyclable in already existing paper recycling streams.

At home compost
According to Euro Wipes, the mask (support and formula) is certifiable according to TÜV AUSTRIA’s "OK Compost Home" specifications, which guarantee complete biodegradation in the specific conditions of home composting.

Concretely, under the action of natural microorganisms, at room temperature and in an oxygen rich environment, the new Euro Wipes masks disintegrate into by-products similar to potting soil and can then be reused as a natural fertilizer.

In addition, Euro Wipes new masks were developed using the Beautylitic formula intelligence tool with which the entire Anjac group works closely.

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Vincent Gallon, Premium Beauty News

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