Anjac Health & Beauty makes innovation strategy more sustainable

Now composed of 12 companies specialized in the development and production of cosmetic and family health products, Anjac Health & Beauty has set up the Anjac Green Attack programme to adopt a more environmentally friendly approach to design. Thanks to this and a collaboration with the Beautylitic tool, the group can now characterize and objectify the clean nature of their products in full transparency.

By purchasing five new companies over the past three years – Innovi, Pascual Cosmétiques, Feltor, Cosmetix West and Roval Cosmétiques –, the French group kept on with its external development strategy, becoming a comprehensive leader in cosmetics design and production. With its various expert, complementary units, including Aircos, Chemineau, Euro Wipes, LPEV, Incara, Shadeline, and Sicaf, Anjac Health & Beauty counts 20 production and R&D sites in France, the US, and Spain, and employs over 2,000 people for a consolidated turnover of 400 million euros.

“We have become a reference player in Europe. We support all brand profiles, from start-ups to major multinationals, by offering a broad range of products and technologies. We do have a Made-in-France offer, but we are also present in Spain and the US, in California, where our business was boosted starting from 2019,” explains the group’s CEO Aurélien Chauffour.

Thanks to this growth strategy and various specializations, Anjac keeps investing in equipment and research to offer innovations driven by sustainability requirements. As an example, they invested in a line of masks with “home compost” ecodesigned materials and 99.9% of ingredients of natural origin, in a new stick packaging line for Pascual Cosmétiques – a makeup, casting, stick, and liquid formula expert – in order to meet customer expectations regarding solid products, and in a newly-built R&D laboratory for skincare and premium texture expert Sicaf Cosmétiques, which multiplied the company’s creation and innovation surface area by ten.

The Anjac Green Attack
Anjac’s innovation strategy is focused on sustainable formulas and packaging. “90% of our innovations have a positive impact on CSR, thanks to environmental and societal benefits and a positive action on consumers’ health. They include solid cosmetics in all forms (sticks, loose powder, pebbles…), an SPF booster which reduces the quantity of UV filters, a food supplement with a highly reduced glycemic index, and a natural alternative to glyphosate designed for other applications,” reveals Marketing & Communication Director Anne Rutigliano.

As for packaging, the group boasts many development projects, like Doypacks made of recyclable and compostable PE for Roval, an alternative to virgin plastic based on a 100% natural, compostable material developed by Innovi for injection and extrusion applications, and a recyclable, refillable PCR compact line for Aircos.

An approach supported by Beautylitic
In addition, Anjac Health & Beauty is the first manufacturer to have worked with Candice Colin’s Beautylitic tool, which was initially intended for distributors to decipher the clean & safe profile of products based on algorithms. Thanks to this partnership with the French startup, the group can now screen all its innovations and part of its products.

“This tool makes it possible to characterize and objectify the clean nature of our products in full transparency, compare them to a panel of other marketed products, and address the key issue of ingredient biodiversity and environmental protection. We long anticipated the substitutions and alternatives to controversial ingredients, like silicones, talc, phenoxyethanol, etc. and we offer our customers other solutions,” explains Anne Rutigliano.

Guided by these commitments, the Anjac group imposes itself as a major player in an industry undergoing a real value transformation and is already embracing new consumption models.

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