ANJAC: A bold and innovative partner to health and beauty brands

The Anjac Health & Beauty Group is a new kind of manufacturer: one that creates and produces beauty, health, and wellness products and solutions. The Group and its 12 companies partner with brands as pathfinders, to support them in their success. They offer a Made in France product line as well as a presence in California and Spain. Based on its conviction that the industry is a virtuous link for consumers and patients, this family-owned group bases the effectiveness of its solutions on Safety, Health, and Nature.

" As a partner , we seek to support our health and beauty customers, at all stages of the value chain, in creating effective, desirable, and responsible products that meet consumers’ expectations and habits," says Aurélien Chaufour, CEO of the Anjac Group.

The group uses a first-of-its-kind, three-pronged research system, "ANJAC S3ARCH," which generates pragmatic yet visionary innovations. Abduction Research, Prospective Research, and Research & Development are three highly complementary approaches, allowing us to take every possibility into consideration at each stage from raw material to finished product. The group’s industrial strength enables it to meet the needs of any brand, from start-ups to major multinational corporations.

With its large, global range of offerings, the Anjac Group has established itself as the most nimble and exacting player in its field.

Through its acquisitions, the group has built a large range of products and technologies in the following sectors:

  • Health: primarily through Laboratoires Chemineau and Feltor (FDA certified)
  • Wellness: innovative liquid nutritional supplement technologies offered by Laboratoire Innovi and Laboratoire Shadeline
  • Cosmetics:
    -expertise in dermocosmetics with Laboratoire Shadeline, medical-device certified
    -unprecedented expertise in high-end skin care textures, solid cosmetics, natural and organic skin care with Sicaf
    -an extensive range of conventional and organic hygiene products with Roval Cosmétiques and Euro Wipes, the French leader for impregnated wipes, medical device-certified.
    -unique skills with Clean Beauty Skin Care developed by Cosmetix West with California-based indie brands
    high-performing, creative makeup solutions from Aircos, the leader in Made in France powder, and Pascual Cosmétiques, the French expert in poured, stick, and liquid makeup, also offering kitting services.

    Laboratoire Innovi rounds out this extensive portfolio with its applied research center, specializing in agri-food, nutrition, health, and beauty. It invents and develops raw materials and finished products. Its expertise in plant-based products strengthens all 12 of the Group’s R&D and Innovation labs, which work in synergy on unique innovations such as the integration of an "SPF Boost" natural active ingredient SPF50+ sun protection with low levels of sun filters and the incorporation of a GPS patented ingredient into a stick or cream to increase the penetration of active ingredients, making formulas more effective.

The Anjac Group and its companies form an ecosystem of entrepreneurs who believe that anything is possible when it comes to creating tomorrow’s Health and Beauty products, working hand in hand with clients to offer safer, more responsible products all the time.

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